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L&E Global Members Attend Annual EELA Conference 2016

EELA 2016

L&E Global is pleased to announce that members of our international alliance will attend the European Employment Lawyers Association 2016 Conference from 19-21 May in Prague.

L&E Global would also like to congratulate EELA Board Members Roland Gerlach (L&E Global Austria), Christiaan Oberman (L&E Global Netherlands) and Corina Radu (L&E Global Romania), among others, on making possible what will undoubtedly be a very successful conference.

L&E Global is proud to contribute to the success of one of the most respected legal organizations in the world.

About EELA

EELA’s aims include:

  • to bring together practising employment lawyers across the European union
  • to improve the implementation and understanding of the social dimension
  • to exchange views on the manner of such implementation
  • to strengthen links between EU employment lawyers.