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7. Best Practices

Tips, recommendations and common pitfalls.

It is highly recommendable that employers implement teleworking policies in writing. In case employees should be required to return to the office after the isolation period has ended, it is also advisable that such policies state clearly, that teleworking is intended to be an arrangement that is temporary in nature and has been adopted as a result of the public health emergency caused by COVID-19, in order to avoid the risk of an employee filing a claim in this respect, when he/she is eventually required by the employer to return to the office. We also encourage employers to explore possibilities to reach agreements on furloughs and terminations with employees and the respective representatives. Per local authorities nationwide, companies should have safety and hygiene protocols in place prior to their employees’ returning to work at the company’s facilities. We also encourage employers to develop such protocols with the assistance of an expert on matters of safety and hygiene in the workplace.

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