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7. Best Practices

Tips, recommendations and common pitfalls.

  • Be sure to have a clear policy with measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, based on the recommendations of the Generic Guide or the sectoral instructions. This will allow your company to reopen safely, assure your employees and clients, and prevent a fine or even a company closure by the social inspection.
  • Involve the Health and Safety Committee and the expertise of the prevention advisors. If necessary, consult an external prevention service to provide the necessary expertise.
  • When implementing measures, take into consideration the privacy rights of your employees and other limitations set by Belgian employment law.
  • Enforce the prevention measures and communicate with employees about their fears in order to prevent or overcome issues with work refusals.
  • If possible, allow your employees to telework and provide a clear telework policy.
  • Show your employees that the company is doing everything in its power to create a safe workplace in order to create goodwill among the employees, to show flexibility as well as a positive attitude during the current crisis.
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