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7. Best Practices

Keep up with new developments

As governments continue to make changes to existing legislation and health and safety guidelines, it is essential for employers to stay up-to-date with changes that may affect their workplaces and businesses. Most Canadian jurisdictions have instituted re-opening plans, and with each jurisdiction having different re-opening criteria and  health and safety obligations, it is imperative for employers to keep apprised of which re-opening measures are applicable, and when they come into force. Employers should continually monitor government orders and directives as well as public health websites to ensure they are in compliance with re-opening guidelines and health and safety measures.

Have a Plan

In order to provide for a successful re-opening of the workplace, employers must develop re-opening plans that suit the characteristics of their workplaces. Re-opening plans should include updated health and safety measures; updated workplace policies and training; COVID-19 hazard identification in the workplace; provision for human rights accommodations; updated leave policies for employees experiencing COVID-19 related challenges; updated privacy policies and guidelines for dealing with information related to COVID-19; and methods for effective communication channels to keep employees, clients, and other stakeholders updated and informed.

Maintain Health and Hygiene Practices

In order to ensure a safe operating environment, employers must be diligent about maintaining health and hygiene practices. Employees should be trained on updated health and safety guidelines and posters can be placed around the workplace that educate and encourage good personal hygiene.

Maintain Compliance with Statutory Employment obligations

Employers should ensure that they continue to comply with the different legislative obligations and minimum standards that apply to their workplaces. While the pandemic may have altered the way businesses and workplaces operate, employers must continue to follow applicable employment standards and meet relevant legal obligations.

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