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1. Emergency Measures

Decrees, orders or guidelines in effect and pertaining to reopening facilities.

Companies must always maintain the required sanitary and environmental conditions in the workplace to protect the life and health of its employees. Therefore, companies must comply with applicable regulations and, in particular, with:

  • the nationwide health alert;
  • the several resolutions of the Ministry of Health that have established sanitary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19;
  • the recommendations for action in the workplace from the Ministry of Health;
  • the sanitary protocols for the operation of companies by the Ministry of Economy;
  • the sanitary protocol for Cleaning and Disinfecting issued by the Ministry of Health;
  • the instructions by the regional health authorities (“Seremi de Salud”);
  • the instructions for transit permits in zones under quarantine by the Ministry of Interior and Public Security and the Ministry of National Defense;
  • the safe-passage permits and authorisations to move through a specific area once curfew has been established; and
  • the resolutions by the Ministry of Finance which indicate areas or territories affected by an act or declaration of authority, and the activities or establishments exempted from the stoppage of activities, in order to access the benefits referred to in Law No. 21,227 (special status to receive unemployment insurance benefits when labour contracts are suspended).

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