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3. Health and Safety Measures

Requirements mandated by law or any official guidance.

  • A decree from 11 May 2020 also provides for certain health and safety measures that must be respected by establishments open to the public:
  • The operator must implement measures to slow down the spread of the virus. This includes the hygiene measures defined in the decree, i.e.:
    • regular hand washing with soap and water (access to which must be facilitated by the provision of single-use towels) or by hydro-alcoholic hand gel;
    • systematically cover your nose and mouth by coughing or sneezing into your elbow;
    • Blowing one's nose in a disposable tissue to be disposed of immediately in a dustbin;
    • Avoid touching your face, especially your nose, mouth and eyes;
    • Being reminded that masks must be worn systematically by everyone when the rules of physical distance cannot be guaranteed;

Measures typically implemented by employers and the associated legal risks, limitations, obligations and issues to consider.

  • The common measures include providing masks and requiring that they be worn indoors, providing disinfectant gel and wipes, and facilitating the flow of people in workspaces so as to allow for social distancing.
  • The return to workspaces has been progressive, with many businesses continuing remote work if possible.
  • Employees are being trained on the proper use of protective gear and new protocols for working safely.
  • Temperature checks are a grey zone in French law, as they raise some legal issues regarding privacy and personal data.
  • Contact tracing has been put in place at a national level.
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