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5. Managing COVID-19-Related Employee Issues

Management of quarantine, childcare and medical leave for employees affected by COVID-19.

  • An employee sick with COVID-19 is put on standard French sick leave, where the State social security and company benefits are paid to the employee. The applicable collective bargaining agreement may provide for the maintaining of salary for several months.
  • The special authorizations for absence due to childcare will be granted only to employees to whom the school or the town hall can provide a certificate demonstrating that the school or daycare is closed or unable to welcome children. These employees will be counted as remaining on “short time work”.
  • However, parents who do not wish to send their children to school despite it being reopened will have to find an arrangement with their employer: if it is not possible for them to balance childcare and remote work, then the days at home will have to be deducted from their vacation accrual.

Employees who fear infection and refuse to work.

  • Employees who have unjustified fears should be reassured, but since they are bound by an employment contract they must submit to the order to return to work or face disciplinary action.

Disclosure of employees who are infected.

  • The government has put in place guidelines for handling an employee displaying symptoms. Companies should however formalize their own ad hoc protocols. The employee is to be isolated, put in contact with a doctor and then sent home. The occupational health services should be contacted and contact tracing will be activated.
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