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7. Best Practices

Tips, recommendations and common pitfalls.

  • In order to ensure continuity of operations and to ensure the safety of its employees, it has become important for employers to update their internal policies and practices in line with applicable laws in light of the Covid-19 crisis. This has in several instances compelled employers to also execute work from home agreements. Till the time the pandemic is not considerably contained and to the extent possible, employers should allow employees to work remotely. However, internal policies of the organization should be amended inter alia to ensure that the employees: (a) are available during work hours to attend virtual meetings /discussions or calls; (b) do not travel without applying for leaves as it may disrupt continuity of work; (c) employees are appropriate dressed for video conferences; (d) sanctity of company data is always maintained; and (e) there is no conflict of interest in any manner. Travel with respect to business requirements should also be restricted unless it is urgently required for business purposes. Additionally, organizations may also consider modifying its leave policies and overtime policies to accommodate contemporary demands. Further, having a dedicated team which keeps track of government notifications, guidelines and standard operating procedures is also helpful for both employer and the employees to comply with the same.
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