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3. Health and Safety Measures

Requirements mandated by law or any official guidance.

The Act on Infection Control (LOV-1994-08-05-55), along with the Regulation on Infection Control Measures (FOR-2020-03-27-470) and the Regulation on Performing Work (FOR-2011-12-06-1357) set out the many health and safety measures applicable to employers. These regulations are relevant for all enterprises located in Norway, see also:

Measures typically implemented by employers and the associated legal risks, limitations, obligations and issues to consider.

We are not aware of any measures typically implemented by employers other than the recommendations from the Government and health authorities detailed above. Employers are,  pursuant to mandatory law, obliged to consider the situational risks inherent in the workplace. The risk of infection will vary from one enterprise to another, and employers must carry out specific concrete evaluations.


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