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4. Teleworking

Teleworking is highly recommended by authorities. During the state of emergency the employer was exceptionally allowed to order their employees to work from home without their consent and without an addendum to their individual employment agreement. During the state of alert the employer can still order the employee to work from home, however now the employee must consent. The decisions issued during these periods included details on how teleworking will be implemented, working hours, how the employees will report their daily activity, how the employer can check the employee’s activity, how the employee should organise their home workspace in order to comply with health and safety requirements, how the employee should handle confidential, private or sensitive data, what devices and apps could or should be used during teleworking. From May 15th employee consent is mandatory, most employers opted to sign addendums to individual employments agreement in order to keep teleworking as an option for the future even after the state of alert ends. Teleworking was widely used even in companies where this type of activity is uncommon.

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