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1. Emergency Measures

Decrees, orders or guidelines in effect and pertaining to reopening facilities.

From 25 March 2020 until 1 July (00:00), different mandatory preventive isolation measures have been implemented throughout the country restricting most activities, allowing some under precise conditions to guarantee the life, health and survival rights of all inhabitants, while trying to minimise the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on health systems, social services and overall economic activity[1]. All professional and technical occupations, general services and retail trade are among the few activities exempt as from 1 June, and is understood as reflecting the entirety of the nation’s reopening.

Thus, the Colombian government permitted a gradual reopening of different activities on a stage-by-stage basis, as long as the companies had fulfilled the protocols and the authorities had granted the necessary permissions.

In addition, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection has declared the National Health Emergency as of 12 March and until 31 August (Resolutions 385 and 844), which:

  • restricts all international and domestic flights during the emergency period, with some specific exceptions (force major or humanitarian reasons);
  • significantly limits travel between cities; and
  • suspends the pertinent administrative procedures followed by most authorities.

Optimal approach to keep track of the latest updates.

During this Health Emergency, Lopez & Asociados has granted access to the public to the firm’s online newsletters, in order for employers to gain insights on the latest COVID-19 related legal developments:

[1] Decrees 457, 531, 593, 636, 689 and 749 of 2020.

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