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Poland is well known for its low personnel costs. Due to this fact, it is currently Europe’s main outsourcing hub, with companies such as Amazon, General Motors, Dell and various major banks moving their plants and shared service centres to Poland. Easy access to qualified employees results from a state-paid university system, which produces many highly specialised and innovative workers, especially in the field of IT and engineering.

Key Points

Risks to prepare for:

  • An ever-evolving tax and social security system.
  • High presence and activity of trade unions in case of major employers (mostly in industrial-related sectors).
  • Labour courts sensitive to employee rights.
  • Strict EU data protection regulations (i.e. hindering transfer of personal data outside of the EU).


Legal Framework

Employees’ and employers’ rights and obligations are established in the following sources of labour law:

  • The Constitution of the Republic of Poland, which defines general principles of freedom to work and social rights;
  • The law established by appropriate organs of the European Union in the scope of labour law;
  • International agreements concerning labour law issues;
  • The Labour Code, acts and secondary legislation, defining the employees’ and employers’rights and obligations;
  • Provisions of collective labour agreements and other agreements, rules and procedures, and statutes setting forth the rights and obligations of the parties to the employment relationship (these are generally only company-level or group[1]level collective labour agreements in cases where trade unions are active – sector-level collective labour agreements are not used in practice); and
  • The mutual rights and obligations of the parties to labour relations are also defined by the employment contract.



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