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Cross-Border Remote Work FAQ’s

L&E Global’s Cross-Border Remote Work FAQs

L&E Global’s Cross-Border Remote Work FAQs present timely insights and analysis on a range of labour issues that have surged in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. These insightful guides focus on one of the most important trends reshaping the workplace in the 21st Century – foreign nationals working remotely for a foreign employer in a host country. Listening to our clients is key. Therefore, we specifically created this series to deal with questions that frequently arise with regard to:

  • work authorisation and visa requirements
  • applicability of local social security and other payroll obligations
  • circumstances that could subject the remote worker to local employment law regulations
  • specific rules that govern remote work in the host country
  • employee’s exposure to local income tax
  • permanent establishment risks for the foreign company by virtue of the remote worker’s activities

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