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Swedish employment law

The labour market in Sweden is to a great extent self-regulated by employers’ organisations and trade unions. The Swedish labour law model is based on civil rules that govern most aspects of the employer-employee relationship. Mandatory laws and regulations in collective bargaining agreements provide a comprehensive framework for the terms and conditions of employment. Disputes are finally settled by the Swedish Labour Court, which is the final instance in employment related disputes. However, the majority of disputes are solved by the parties on the labour market through consultations and negotiations.


Key Points

  • An employment agreement does not have to take any specific form to be valid.
  • An employment may only be terminated on objective grounds, such as redundancy or personal reasons.
  • An employer has certain consultation and information obligations towards trade unions even if the employer is not bound by any collective bargaining agreement.
  • Generally, citizens of countries outside the EU must have a work permit to work in Sweden.

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