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Havel & Partners is the largest Czech-Slovak full-service firm with an international approach (up to 70% of cases involve an international element) in the region. Our labour law team has extensive experience in the statutory regulation of employment relations between expatriate employees and domestic employers as well as between Czech employees and foreign employers, including the selection of the appropriate law and jurisdiction to govern the relevant employment relationships and subsequent tax optimisations.

The Prague office is the main contact point for Czech and international clients doing business in the Czech Republic. Clients of Havel & Partners include large international companies, leading Czech and Slovak firms, including strategic state-owned companies and public sector authorities, as well as medium-size businesses, individual entrepreneurs, and investors. Havel & Partners advises approximately 150 of the largest Fortune 500 global companies, almost 50 of the Czech Top 100 companies and 20 of the TOP 100 Slovak companies.

We provide our clients with comprehensive legal advisory in the fields of labour law and social security law. We draft in particular labour law documents and expert opinions, represent our clients before judicial and administrative authorities, or provide partial consultations in urgent matters. We have vast experience with advising in a whole range of day-to-day matters in the workplace. We understand how HR teams and the management of our clients work and we know how important it is for companies to stay on top in the ever-changing and constantly evolving HR area.


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811 02 Bratislava, Slovakia
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