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Dutch employment law

Dutch employment law is elaborate and relatively complex. It is divided into individual and collective law and is closely related to social security law. The following text will report the latest developments in Dutch employment law. Dutch employment law is not consolidated into a single code. 

The employment relationship under Dutch law is governed by the compulsory statutory regulations laid down in (for example) the Dutch Civil Code. The relationship can furthermore be governed by (among other things) the conditions laid down in a Collective Labour Agreement (if applicable), internal regulations (if applicable) and the individual employment contract. Judicial precedent is an important part of the legal framework because many employment matters are influenced by case law.


Key Points

  • Employment law is not consolidated into a single code.
  • Employees have a strong legal position.
  • Preventive dismissal assessment.
  • Relatively long period of salary payment during illness.
  • New Dutch employment law as from 1 January 2020: the Balanced Labour Market Act.

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