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Spanish employment law

As is the case in other European countries, Spanish labour law is very comprehensive and provides significant protection for employees. The labour law regulates individual and collective relationships between employees and employers, the scope of which extends to other related areas such as social security, health and safety at work, special employment relationships and procedural law.


Key Points

  • Non-EU citizens must obtain a work permit.
  • In principle, employment contracts are presumed to be for an indefinite term. However,the number of fixed-term employment contracts are subject to some limitations.
  • Minimum working conditions are largely set out in the Workers’ Statute and applicable collective agreements.
  • Employment contracts are automatically transferred with the business to the new employer. Employees’ rights and obligations are also transferred.
  • Termination can be based on objective grounds.
  • Dismissals are void if the termination is discriminatory or involves protected employees

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