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Covid-19: Back to Work

COVID-19: Back to Work – Special Report

In this COVID-19: BACK TO WORK – Special Report, we compile the best information and guidance available from 28 major markets concerning the most important workplace law issues that you will encounter, as you reopen your business and seek to improve the safety of your operations: national emergency mandates and special programmes aiding affected businesses, health and safety measures, teleworking, managing COVID 19-related employee issues and cost reduction strategies. Perhaps most importantly, we identify local sources for you to consult in order to remain up-to-date, and set out best practices learned from the already robust experience many others have had in dealing with this crisis.

It is our privilege to provide this resource to you, and we hope you will refer to it often as you advise your employees, staff, colleagues, business partners, customers and clients. Please contact L&E Global or any of our member firms with any questions you may have.