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L&E Global Expands to India

L&E Global Affiliated Member


L&E Global is proud to announce that RDA Legal has joined L&E Global as the Affiliated Member in India.

RDA Legal (Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata) is a full service law firm that provides legal advisory, transactional legal services, and litigation support on all aspects of Indian civil, corporate and commercial laws, and is one of a small group of law firms in India with a dedicated group of attorneys servicing clients only on issues relating to employment law.

Avik Biswas (Partner) leads the RDA Legal employment law practice along with a dedicated team of employment law specialists, who handle a wide range of employment law matters throughout India. Based in Bangalore, Avik is well known for his employment law expertise across all industry sectors, especially with subjects such as employment law audits, employment contracts, compensation and benefits, reduction-in-force (RIF) exercises, sexual harassment in the workplace, conduct of disciplinary proceedings, investigations, trade union issues/negotiations and all forms of employment law disputes. Since 2011, Chambers Asia Pacific has recognized Avik as one of India’s highly recommended employment lawyers. According to Chambers, “He [Avik] is noted for his expertise in advising large clients in the technology industry.”

Stephan Swinkels, Executive Director and Member of the Board of L&E Global, noted that, “According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) India is expected to be the world’s fastest growing major economy in 2015 and 2016. India has the 7th largest GDP in the world, has the 3rd largest purchasing power parity (PPP), is in the top 20 global traders according to the World Trade Organization and has a labour force of more than 485 million people. As such, it is vital for L&E Global to have an excellent team in India that can advise multinational corporations on all employment law matters. RDA Legal gives us that team.”

“The demand for effective counsel on employment law matters in India is a constant point of interest for clients,” observed John Sander, Shareholder at Jackson Lewis P.C. and Member of the Board at L&E Global. “Whether clients are seeking to enter the Indian market, expand their existing operations or manage their workforces, having a strong and responsive team of practical employment law specialists at RDA Legal is a major element in ensuring that cross-border clients from the US and elsewhere receive the support and advice they need.”

“L&E Global’s reputation as a top-notch worldwide provider of employment law services is well known here in India and many of our clients are already well aware of L&E Global’s expertise and global reach,” said Avik Biswas, Partner at RDA legal. “The prospect of expanding our international practice and solidifying our position nationally as a leader in employment law in the context of L&E Global is very appealing. We believe that RDA Legal will be a major asset to the L&E Global alliance and we are confident that we will exceed the expectations of clients across the globe.”

With Affiliated Members in India and China as well as Members in Australia and New Zealand, L&E Global has successfully established a presence in some of the most important economic regions in Asia and the South Pacific. Together, the twenty L&E Global members are part of an international alliance capable of providing employment law services wherever clients operate.