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Norway: A campaign for drug prevention in working life

As much as 70 % of the Norwegian employees want guidelines regarding use of alcohol in work related situations, such as kick-offs and summer parties. 80 % of the employees also want the employer to have schemes related to employees with a strained relationship to alcohol or other drugs.

A liberal alcohol culture in the workplace can affect the employee’s well-being, health and safety, and therefore guidelines are important. The Norwegian Directorate of Health has prepared guidelines to help employers prepare and follow up on a drug policy.

The campaign attempts to show different consequences of a liberal alcohol culture, without a moral condemnation. The guidelines are developed in close cooperation with the parties in the workplace, state labor actors, relevant competence associations and researchers. According to the guidelines, the employer must identify risks and needs in the workplace, and include drug prevention as a part of the work with safety, health and welfare. Employers are also encouraged to make agreements with external parties that can contribute in individual cases.