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France: Macron’s reform deemed constitutional by the Conseil Constitutionnel

President Macron’s rewriting of the French labour code has entered a decisive phase: its inscription into law. On March 21, the Conseil Constitutionnel approved nearly all the ordinances that the executive signed in September of last year, overhauling many labour and employment rules.

Up to now, these ordinances only had a regulatory value, but they will now be upgraded to laws.

The Conseil Constitutionnel did strike out some marginal points of the reform. Notably, it censured the waiver that allowed employers not to hold by-elections for empty seats on the social and economic committee when the previous elections had been cancelled due to an imbalance in representation between men and women.

As a reminder, the reform is already effective. It will now remain so, but after this validation by the Conseil Constitutionnel, and its ratification by the executive on March 29, it will have a stronger form as law.