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Luxembourg: Law of 8th April 2018 amends Labour Code

A new law dated 8 April 2018 voted by the Luxembourg Parliament on 13 March 2018 and published on 11 April 2018 will amend numerous legal provisions of the Labour Code, including:

  1. Maintenance of the employee’s salary during sick leave: employees following a working schedule are entitled to their monthly base salary and any supplements which would have been paid during sick leave, had the employee worked as initially planned. Employees working on a normal basis (without a work schedule) are entitled to a payment based on the average daily salary of the last 6 months preceding the first day of sickness;
  1. Students:students hired on the basis of a fixed-term contract can henceforth work an average of 15 hours per week (instead of 10 hours), calculated within a reference period of 4 weeks/1 month;
  1. Resignation by employee: increase of an employee’s rights in case of the resignation by the employee with immediate effect for gross misconduct;
  1. State aids:change of state aids and extension of financial programs for employees receiving unemployment benefits.

The aforementioned legal provisions enter into force on the 4th day of their publication in the official gazette (“Mémorial”).