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Norway: Committee on whistleblowing publishes its review and evaluation of current legislation

The committee on whistleblowing that was appointed by the Government in November 2016 to review and evaluate the current whistleblowing regulation in the Working Environment Act, published their report in end of March 2018. The report contains a comprehensive assessment of various issues related to whistleblowing, and proposal for legislative amendments and other measures to improve the protection of whistle-blowers. The committee proposes to keep the current regulation, but to clarify the content of the regulation. The committee also recommends that an independent board is established to consider and resolve claims from whistleblowers who assert unlawful retaliation. Further, the committee proposes that a national whistleblowing ombudsman is established with the responsibility to provide guidance and support to whistleblowers, the person subject to the whistleblowing, employers, employees’ representatives and safety representatives at the work place.