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Norway: Proposal on new regulation regarding hiring of labour

The government proposes a prohibition of so-called “Zero-hour”-contracts and restrictions on hiring of workers in the construction industry. The government’s proposal contains four changes in the current Working Environment Act: 1) A clear definition of the content of permanent employment. The definition requires, among others, that the employee is secured a certain predictability in his/her employment (e.g. a defined percentage of employment). Thus, so-called “Zero-hour”-contracts, meaning contracts with no guarantee of work, will not comply with the proposed change. 2) Clarification of the requirements for the employment contract, concerning predictability with regards to when the work shall be performed. 3) A new legal requirement for temporary employment in temporary-work agencies when hiring out employees to temporary positions. 4) Changes in the opportunity to enter into local agreements when hiring from companies in the construction industry. The government’s proposal will be further processed in  the Norwegian Parliament with the purpose of possible new legislation.