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China: Jiangsu Provincial Ordinance on Protection of Women’s Rights Was Released to Improve Protection of Female Employees’ Interests

The Standing Committee of Jiangsu Province’s 13th Session of People’s Congress released the Jiangsu Provincial Ordinance on Protection of Women’s Rights (hereinafter referred to the “Ordinance”). The Ordinance specially stipulated an innovative supervisory mechanism to protect female employees’ labor interests. According to this mechanism, where any infringement of female employees’ right is reported, the competent Human Resources and Social Insurances Department, Women’s Federation and employer’s trade union will jointly set up formal meeting with persons in charge of the complained employer and urge the timely correction of any action in violation of female employees’ legitimate rights. In addition, Article 26 of the Ordinance prescribes that during the maternity leave of male employees’ spouses, the employers are encouraged to arrange a joint parental leave of no less than 5 days for the said male employees. The Ordinance will be formally implemented on June 1, 2018. Since then, in addition to the 15 days of care leave stipulated in the Population and Family Planning Regulations of Jiangsu Province, male employees of Jiangsu Province can enjoy the above-mentioned joint parental leave during their spouses’ maternity leave.