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Pusch Wahlig Legal is now Pusch Wahlig Workplace Law

Starting from December 3, 2018, Pusch Wahlig Legal (short: PWL), founded in 2006 by Dr. Tobias Pusch, is renamed as Pusch Wahlig Workplace Law (short: PWWL). The development of the firm into a powerhouse for Workplace Law with a growing international focus is now reflected in the new name.

The new name emphasizes the fact that in close cooperation with the client, we endeavor to find solutions for all kinds of legal issues in the working world, even beyond labor law. This ambitious and cooperative approach is reflected in the new tagline ‘Pushing boundaries. Together.’.

The re-brand, a new website and a corporate blog that will go live in January 2019, positions PWWL as a major player for Workplace Law in the market.

Pusch Wahlig Workplace Law continues to grow. In 2018, 3 lawyers were appointed partner and a Counsel and 5 Associates joined the team. With more than 30 Workplace Law specialists in four different cities throughout Germany – Berlin, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Munich – and more than 400.000 labor law documents in a uniform database, PWWL, in terms of manpower as well as depth and breadth of Workplace Law related know how, has reached a new dimension. Modern technology that was developed in cooperation with the company builder Push! Founders and a unique onefirm-culture, enable our clients to access the comprehensive expertise of our labor and employment law specialists.

This transformation is the result of a lengthy learning process, which is a logical consequence for Dr. Tobias Pusch: “We had long ago ceased to be a classical labor law firm focused primarily on labor law related litigation and drafting contracts. Advising companies requires more: a strategic and consulting approach at the highest level, nationally and globally. ‘Pushing boundaries. Together.’ is a guiding principle for us, shaping our Workplace Law services through a uniquely collaborative cooperation between our clients, partners and lawyers, which extends to our entire non-legal team whose steady support has been, and continues to be, pivotal to our success!”

Pusch Wahlig Workplace Law is preparing for further growth. Currently, more than 30 lawyers work at 4 different locations all over Germany. Extensions of office space at all 4 offices lay the foundation for further expansion.

Dr. Tobias Pusch, LL.M. (Harvard); MBA; MSc (London Business School)

Attorney at law
Certified labor law specialist

Pusch Wahlig Workplace Law
Partnership of Lawyers

Dorotheenstr. 54
10117 Berlin

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