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Norway: Changes Proposed Towards Clarification And Possible Extension Of Whistle-Blowing Legislation

In Norway, a “whistleblower” is entitled to comprehensive protection measures with regards to, i.e. protection against retaliation from his or her employer. However, there has been much uncertainty as to the scope of the rules. Even though one may state with certainty which rules will apply in cases of grave misdoings, with the potential of far-reaching consequences in the realms of environmental or societal damages, the absolute lower threshold has been difficult to pin down in legislative pen-strokes. With this new proposition, the government aims to clarify which situations should, and should not, fall within the scope of the whistle-blowing rules. In addition, the government proposes to change the rules, to cover subjects beyond merely employees that fall within the scope of the rules, i.e. pupils, students and patients.