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France: The new procedures for recognition of a workplace accident or an occupational disease are implemented as of December 1, 2019

The procedure for recognising workplace accidents and occupational diseases consists of a succession of transmissions of information and documents between the primary health insurance fund, the victim and the employer. A decree modifies the procedure for recognising these accidents and occupational diseases.

It introduces new investigation deadlines, eases the declaration procedures, introduces a 10-day period for issuing reservations, and arranges the consultation phase of the file in the event of investigations. The victim of an accident at work must inform (directly or indirectly) the employer on the day the accident occurred or, at the latest, within 24 hours. The period of recognition of the occupational disease at the disposal of the fund, currently set at 3 months, will be increased to 120 clear days.

The new procedure will be applicable to work-related accidents and occupational diseases declared from December 1, 2019.