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China: Trial Period Announced for New Online Arbitration and Mediation Platform for use in Labour Disputes

The Haidian district labour arbitration commission recently implemented the new model of “Internet plus mediation” in its practice. An online mediation service platform was designed to ease the parties’ respective burdens during the arbitration phase of a labour dispute. The online mediation service platform is connected to the basic level of mediation that organisations have established in 29 communities and counties throughout Beijing. With the recent launch of this online platform, the applicant no longer has to file the arbitration application in person to the Haidian district labour arbitration commission. On the contrary, the applicant is now able to file a labour arbitration application online and may attend mediation and arbitration at his / her / its  nearest labour dispute mediation and arbitration centre. As mediation and arbitration proceedings in labour disputes are becoming more standardised and convenient, the efficiency of resolving labour disputes is expected to be improved, significantly, for both parties.