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France: With Brexit postponed to 31 January 2020 the French government provides a transition period for British nationals living in France

Once again, the Brexit implementation date has been pushed back. The United Kingdom is now supposed to leave the European Union on 31 January 2020, after the EU granted the country’s request for a three-month extension.

Though no one knows with any certainty in what conditions or form Brexit will take place (or if it even will take place), this new extension is important for employers, businesses, and employees.

If Brexit happens, the French government’s position remains that which it detailed last spring; UK nationals in France will have a transition period following Brexit. British citizens lawfully residing in France on the withdrawal date will have to apply for a residence permit or visa.

After the transitional period, British citizens residing in France for less than 5 years and working under an indefinite employment contract will be allowed to apply for a specific 4-year residence permit (“carte de séjour pluriannuelle – salarié”), even though they did not have a prior long term residence permit. British citizens residing in France for more than 5 years can obtain, upon request, a long term residence permit (“carte de resident”) even if they did not have a prior long term residence permit.