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UK: Clyde & Co’s Employment Law Team organises successful Knowhow Series in final months of 2019

Clyde & Co’s employment law team organised a series of webinars and seminars in recent months, including –

A webinar on ‘Workplace culture: from the UK to the Middle East’ : what UK headquartered businesses are looking to achieve in the UK and across their networks; what the culture is in the Middle East regarding tackling diversity and inclusion issues, and around workplace culture; and what international businesses in the Middle East are doing in this area (16 July 2019).

A webinar on ‘SMCR: A Session on Conduct Rules and Reporting Obligations’ : on 9 December 2019, the SMCR will be extended to the wider financial services sector, and senior managers and certification staff in those firms will be subject to the new conduct rules. This webinar explores the important key changes under the SMCR with case studies to help you understand and prepare for the new obligations (24 September 2019).

A workshop on ‘Disability Discrimination – The tricky bits! – Glasgow’ : an interactive half day workshop aimed at those that have HR responsibilities is designed to explore the law relating to disability as it affects the workplace (3 October 2019).

A webinar on ‘SMCR: Regulatory References: How to Deal with Tricky Issues’ : the regulatory reference rules require authorised firms to obtain references for certain roles covering the previous six years of employment. Firms also need to keep records of references they give and update those references if further information comes to light. Banks and insurers have been subject to the rules since 2017 but firms in the wider financial services sector will become subject to the rules on 9 December this year. This webinar explores the important key elements of the regulatory reference regime. Suitable for HR, in-house legal and compliance (16 October 2019).

An Employment Seminar – Manchester : updates on sexual harassment in the workplace and case law updates and horizon scanning. The seminar, hosted by the employment law team, was held at the Great St John Street Hotel, Manchester (7 November 2019).

An Autumn Seminar on ‘What’s Coming Up in Employment Law?’ : the upcoming changes to employment law, explaining, in practical terms, what clients need to do to prepare for these changes. The session, particularly suitable for HR professionals and in-house lawyers, offered insight and analysis on issues such as –

  • the changes to employee and worker contracts taking effect in April 2020 and how to prepare for them,
  • the extension of the off-payroll working rules to the private sector in April 2020,
  • what’s on the horizon for equality and diversity,
  • new family-friendly protections being introduced, including extending redundancy protection for women and new parents,
  • practical points to take from key recent disability discrimination cases,
  • dealing with tricky issues around data subject access requests (12 November 2019).

A webinar on ‘Workplace Culture – what should you be doing on pay and diversity?’ : as employers approach preparing for the third year of gender pay reporting, they will be looking at whether their gender diversity initiatives are having any impact. We know that tackling pay and diversity issues is essential in today’s competitive workplace – in terms of reputation, and attracting and retaining colleagues. But how do you attract and retain diverse talent and close pay gaps? (21 November 2019).



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