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Netherlands: Palthe Oberman Memo on Impact of COVID-19 on the Workplace

This memo is intended for information purposes only and provides some general information regarding the Coronavirus 2019-nCoV (“Coronavirus“) in the Netherlands and the possible impact on the workplace. Please note, that at the time of drafting this memo no cases of infection with the Coronavirus in the Netherlands are known.

Travel advice from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against traveling the Hubei province (including Wuhan). Furthermore, the Ministry advises to only travel to China and stay there if it is absolutely necessary. If Dutch citizens do travel to China it is possible that the Dutch Government cannot offer any or limited help to them, if any problems arise.

Measures Dutch employers are obliged to take and/or should consider taking

Following the Working Conditions Act (in Dutch: Arbeidsomstandighedenwet), an employer is obliged to provide a healthy and safe work environment for its employees. The employer must implement measures for their physical and mental health protection. The work of the employees should be organized in such a way that it does not adversely affect the employee’s health and safety. Furthermore, the occupational hazards and risks to the safety and health of the employee should be prevented or reduced as much as possible.

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