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Sweden: COVID-19 Outbreak – Legal Risks and Courses of Action

The outbreak of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) has already had significant impact on businesses and individuals both in Sweden and globally. The current situation causes various concerns and give rise to substantial challenges, both financially and operationally. It is extremely difficult to predict the development of the conditions for conducting business. In order to best manage this uncertainty, it is important to identify and assess, thoroughly and continuously, the possible courses of action. Understanding the various aspects of the legal context is essential when deciding how to move forward.

We are here to assist you during these challenging and turbulent times. For strategic legal advice in the specific case, please contact your regular Cederquist contact, or contact our Corona Legal Help Desk ( consisting of experts from all our practice areas. Together, we can identify and assess your situation and the major risks to your business, in order to propose the best alternatives and actions to mitigate any negative short-term and long-term effects.

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