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Colombia: Regulating Protocols for a Rebound of the Economy

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Colombia declared the state of Sanitary Emergency from 12 March until 31 August and has kept this continuous lockdown as of 23 March. Currently, the isolation measure has been issued until 1 August; however, as each lockdown has been extended according to the virus infection rate, an additional extension is expected in the coming weeks.

In order to guarantee the life, health and the survival rights of all citizens, as well as the slow stimulation of the economy, the government issued different protocols to be followed by employers, employees, and the general public.

To that end, Resolutions 1159 (15 July), 1155 (14 July) and 666 (24 April) established the minimum requirements to mitigate, control and adequately manage the COVID-19 pandemic applicable to cleaning and household services, the health-care sector and every industry that is allowed to develop services during the isolation measures, respectively.

Broadly, these Resolutions require:

  • the design and implementation of a suitable Biosecurity Protocol.
  • the adoption of administrative measures to reduce the exposure of the employees.
  • the update of the matrix for the assessment, valuation, and control of occupational risks.
  • the request to the Occupational Risks Insurance Companies (ARL by its acronym in Spanish) for support and assessment.
  • the creation of interaction protocols for the company’s suppliers, clients and external providers/vendors.
  • the consolidation and update of a complete database.

In addition, the local governments may impose additional requirements or limitations on companies and inhabitants in a particular region according to the current infection rates and the DORSCON levels (Disease Outbreak Response System Condition), as has occurred in some sectors of Bogota and other main cities throughout the country (Cali, Cartagena and Medellin).


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