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Brexit – Immigration changes

The Tier 2 General route was closed on 1 December 2020; all applications to employ non-EEA nationals, including Tier 2 General extensions, will now be assessed under the new Sponsored Skilled Workers (SSW) framework. Sponsors’ Notes are required for Certificates of Sponsorships assigned prior to 1 December in support of applications submitted after 1 December 2020.

From 1 January 2021, Sponsors will be able to submit applications to employ EEA nationals under the SSW framework.

Practical point

While the coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on businesses’ ability to prepare for the Brexit transition, those that employ overseas nationals must ensure they are prepared for the implementation of the new immigration system.

For more information on how UK companies can prepare for this, see our November 2020 Immigration bulletin.


Brexit Exchange Forum

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