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China: Workers without employment relationship in certain categories can participate in work-related injury insurance

The Human Resource and Social Security Department of Guangdong Province, together with two other departments, recently issued the Measures for Participation in Work-Related Injury Insurance by Workers Over Statutory Retirement Age and in Other Specific Categories (for Trial Implementation) (the “Measures“) The Measures allow employers to voluntarily contribute work-related injury insurance for workers who do not establish employment relationship, such as individuals who are over statutory retirement age, interns, house keepers, and those engaging in new forms of business through internet platform.  Prior to the promulgation of the Measures, only individuals with formal employment relationship are able to participate in and benefit from the work related injury insurance.  However, in accordance with the Measures, workers without employment relationship in certain categories will be able to participate in the work-related injury insurance, and their identification of work-related injury, work capability appraisal and entitlement to work-related injury compensation will follow the Provisions on Work-Related Injury Insurance, Provisions on Work-Related Injury Insurance of Guangdong Province, and other applicable laws and regulations.  The Measures are estimated to benefit over three million workers in Guangdong Province and will become effective as of 1 April 2021.


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