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Colombia: Monthly Minimum Wage and Transportation Aid for 2021 fixed by Colombian government

Through Decrees 1875 and 1786, the Colombian government fixed the monthly minimum wage and the transportation aid for 2021, bearing in mind the consumer price index for 2020 and the constitutional case law, as follows:

  • The monthly minimum wage (MMW) for 2021 will be COP$ 908.526.
  • The transportation aid for 2021 will be COP$ 106.454, which is entitled by workers earning up to 2 MMW and has been recognised as connectivity aid since June 2020.
  • Both MMW and transportation aid for 2021 represent a 3.5% increase over the 2020 values.

Therefore, the values to bear in mind for 2021 are the following:


(ER: 3500)

Monthly Minimum Wage (MMW) $908.526 $260
Transportation Aid / Connectivity Aid (TA) $106.454 $30
MMW + TA $1.014.980 $290
Daily Minimum Wage (8 hours) $30.284 $8.65
2 MMW (reference for entitlement to working outfit and TA) $1.817.052 $519
13 MMW (Minimum Integral Salary) $11.810.838 $3.375
25 MMW (Social Security contributions’ limit) $22.713.150 $6.489
Integral Salary to pay social contributions to the limit (70% of the IS) $32.447.357 $9.271


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