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Colombia: UGPP unifies Standardised Form for Employer’s PAP and PAEF Applications

The application for employers to acquire the state’s contribution for the second payment of the Support Program of the mid and end of year Salary Bonus (PAP is the acronym in Spanish), will be received by financial entities in March 2021, together with the application to the Formal Employment Support Program (PAEF is the acronym in Spanish). Therefore, the Pension and Parafiscal Management Unit (UGPP is the acronym in Spanish) has unified the standardised form for submitting these applications.

Financial entities may implement or develop the tools they consider necessary to collect the information required in the form, however, they will not be able to require additional information. Therefore, they shall not delete, modify, nor add fields into the form.

The annexes of the form must be filled out as they contain basic information. Additionally, financial entities must collect from the applicants to the PAEF and the PAP the documents listed below:

For PAEF and PAP:

  • ANNEX I: Certification “Compliance with requirements,” signed by the legal representative or applicant natural person and the fiscal auditor or public accountant.
  • ANNEX II: Single Tax Registry RUT if it is a Non-Profit Entity, Consortium, or Temporary Union.

For PAP:

  • ANNEX III: Intent – certification of being a beneficiary of the PAP.

If the beneficiaries meet the criteria required, they may apply for the two programs concurrently.



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