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Hong Kong and Macao Provide Visa Facilitation Policies for those Inoculated with Chinese COVID-19 Vaccine

In the month of March 2021, the Offices of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC in the Hong Kong and Macao Special Administration Regions have both announced visa facilitation policies for those inoculated with Chinese vaccine against the COVID-19. The new visa facilitation policy in Hong Kong explicitly prescribes that the visa application process for inoculated foreign citizens who need to resume work in mainland China shall follow the same rules as before the COVID-19 and the new visa policy also expands its applicable scope for granting humanitarian visa, covering the visit purpose such as family reunion, caring for the elderly, attending funerals or visiting critically ill immediate families. As for Macao, the new visa facilitation policy requires the applicants to provide proof for residence in Macao for more than 28 days in addition to the certificate for being inoculated with Chinese vaccine against COVID-19. These new visa policies are promulgated in order to further support the recovery of people exchange and the development of society and economy of Hong Kong and Macao.


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