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UK: Gender Pay Reporting Deadline Postponed to 5 October 2021

Public sector bodies and private sector employers with at least 250 employees are required to submit gender pay gap reports annually, by 30 March and 4 April respectively.

Last year, employers were not required to report their gender pay gap data for the 2019/20 reporting year. In light of the continuing effects of the pandemic, the EHRC has confirmed that employers now have until 5 October 2021 to report their gender pay gap information for 2020/21 (which uses a snapshot date of 31 March 2020 or 6 April 2020).

Practical point 

Employers are encouraged by the EHRC to report before October 2021 where possible. The EHRC has published guidance on issues around including furloughed employees in gender pay gap reporting for the 2020/21 reporting year.



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