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Colombia: Additional Measures for Selective Isolation and Responsible Individual Distancing are Introduced

As an action to mitigate the contagion of COVID-19 and respond to the red alert from hospitals in these cities, as of 5 April 2021, different mobility restrictions were created for citizens, among these:

  • The so-called “4×3” model is applied, in which four days of the week work and economic activities are carried out with a night curfew and the following three days of the week, a continuous curfew is applied in which citizens must stay in their homes.
  • Companies that provide e-commerce services and technological platforms (such as collaborative economy companies and deliveries), postal companies (in any of their modalities), courier companies, logistics operators and freight transport services can operate.
  • The commercialisation of gastronomic establishments and premises, funeral services, burials, and cremations can operate normally.
  • People can attend to matters of force majeure or extreme necessity, which must be accredited if the authority so requires.
  • Chain stores and shopping centres can function in their entirety, if at least 50% of its areas or its commercial offer is of goods considered essential or of first necessity.
  • People are allowed to enter public establishments according to the last digit of their ID and the date of the specified day.