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Poland: Government announces ‘New Deal’ for Working Parents

At the end of May, the government announced its latest strategy for economic recovery following the COVID-19 crisis, the so-called ‘New Deal’. The ‘New Deal’ includes a number of reforms in labour law, most significantly in the area of contributions, taxes and public fees. Apart from that, the ‘New Deal’ includes facilitations for working parents, particularly in the area of flexible work.

Under the ‘New Deal’, working parents will be able to choose from three different types of flexible working hours. These shall apply to parents who do not have access to childcare services.

The first instrument for balancing work and childcare will be the possibility of teleworking or remote working. The second proposal of the creators of the Polish ‘New Deal’ assumes lower working hours for parents. The final proposal to enable parents to balance work and childcare, is the ability to move the start and finish hours of work.

Unfortunately, details on the proposed solutions are not yet available and are pending release of the draft regulations.