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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic: New Minimum Monthly Wage Increases for Private-sector Workers

On 14 July 2021, the National Salary Committee agreed to a new minimum monthly wage increases for private-sector workers. The new minimum monthly salaries will be:

  • RD $21,000 (approximately US $368.00), equivalent to a 19% increase in large companies
  • RD $19,250 (approximately US $337.00), equivalent to a 59% increase in medium-sized companies
  • RD $12,900 (approximately US $226), equivalent to a 20% increase in small companies
  • RD $11,900 (approximately US $208), equivalent to an 11% increase in micro-enterprises

This accounts for an average percentage equivalent to a 24% increase.

Discussions on the wage issue were held in record time, prompting the convening of the meeting of the National Salary Committee, and were developed through the tripartite consensus, made up of representatives of the employees’ sector, the employers’ sector and the government sector.

The reclassification on which this agreement is based is as follows:

  • Microenterprises with up to 10 workers and gross sales of up to 8 million pesos per year;
  • Small businesses with 11 to 50 workers and sales of 8 to 54 million pesos per year;
  • Medium-sized companies with 51 to 150 workers and sales of 54 to 202 million in annual sales; and
  • Large companies with over 150 workers and over 202 million in annual gross sales.