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Poland: The Minimum Wage to be Increased in the Post-Pandemic Economy

In July the government announced that from 1 January 2022, they plan to raise the minimum remuneration for work in Poland to PLN 3,000 gross. This means an increase of PLN 200 compared to the 2021 minimum wage (currently the lowest salary is PLN 2,800 gross). The minimum hourly rate for civil contracts will be PLN 19.60. This means an increase by PLN 1.30 compared to 2020 (PLN 18.30).

It should be noted that the actual increase of the minimal wage increase will probably be lower than demanded by the biggest Polish trade union – NSZZ Solidarność – which required the increase of PLN 500 net. The government considers that the proposed amount is optimal, as raising the minimum wage too quickly could prove to be an unbearable burden for many companies and even for entire large economic sectors affected by the pandemic.

The government’s proposal on the minimum wage will now be negotiated in the Council for Social Dialogue, where, in addition to government, employers and trade unions will have their representatives.

The government plans to keep the minimum wage growing in the upcoming years.