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Poland: Employers’ Access to Information on Vaccinated Employees more and more Doubtful

Last month, we informed that the Ministry of Health has been working on a law to allow employers to check which employees are vaccinated against Covid-19. At that time, the implementation of the regulation seemed to be only a matter of time, as confirmed by information from the Ministry. Now however, the Ministry has stopped releasing any formation on how the project is proceeding, and the press reports that the government has withdrawn support from the idea.

Employers are disappointed by this course of events, all the more so as the next wave of the pandemic is approaching and they have a responsibility to organise work in their establishments safely. There is even talk of a victory for the ‘anti-vaccinationists’. Opinions in the community are divided, because those who have not been vaccinated do not want to inform their employer about it, but those who have been vaccinated are willing to inform, as it will allow them to work in safer conditions.