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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic: President Abinader announces the Suspension of all Restrictive Measures Imposed by Covid-19

President Abinader removes restrictions for Covid-19 and says that taking care of oneself is an individual responsibility.

On 16 February, the President of the Republic announced the suspension of all restrictive measures imposed by Covid-19. Therefore, it will be up to each individual to take care of themselves without restrictions.

“Measures such as the use of the mask, the need to present the vaccination card to access all places or restrictions in public spaces today are the individual responsibility of every one of us. After this prolonged battle, we are beginning to recover freedom,” said the President.

The President said that the country is in need of an emotional recovery and must now leave behind the measures that had to be imposed. The head of state offered this information through a speech to the whole nation, which was transmitted by different media.

Finally, the President invited the population to be vaccinated voluntarily in order to complete the vaccination program and to continue to guarantee full access to the vaccine for everyone and in all circumstances.