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Luxembourg: End of the 3G Scheme at the Workplace

Authors: Celine Defay and Eloïse Hullar

The Law of 11 March 2022 amended the Covid Law of 17 July 2020 and ended the “3G” workplace scheme (vaccinated/recovered/tested), which was optional since 11 February 2022. Since 11 March 2022, the “3G” scheme has ceased.

Companies that continue to employ the “3G” scheme, are required to terminate it (no more control of certificates for access to the workplace, no more verification of identity, destruction of the “vaccinated / reinstated” list and declarations of consent, etc.).

The “3G” scheme in company canteens has also been removed.

It should be noted that compliance with the sanitary rules applicable until now (wearing a mask, respecting social distancing, etc.) are no longer mandatory.

Key Action Points for Human Resources and In-house Counsel
If a list of vaccinated/recovered persons has been established, it must be destroyed as well as the declarations of consent.