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Luxembourg: Indexation on 1st April 2022

Authors: Celine Defay and Eloïse Hullar

The wage index has increased from 855.62 points to 877.01 points as of 1st April 2022, resulting in an increase in the minimum social wage and the adjustment of certain thresholds and ceilings provided for by law. The new gross amounts (in euros) are as follows:

As from 1st April 2022
Age % Gross hourly wage Gross salary base index 100 Gross monthly salary
18 and over unqualified 100 13.3721 263.78 2,313.38
from 17 to 18 80 10.6975 211.02 1,850.67
from 15 to 17 75 10.0293 197.84 1,735.08
18 and over qualified 120 16.0467 316.54 2,776.09
As from 1st April 2022
Minimum monthly starting wage required to apply a 7-12 months’ probationary period. 4,700.77
Minimum gross annual salary required at the time of the employee’s departure from the company, to apply the non-competition clause. 59,786.38
Monthly flat rate for the costs of teleworking in the banking sector. 26.31

The amount for the tax exemption limit for the settlement agreement indemnity, the voluntary indemnity in case of resignation or termination by mutual agreement, being calculated on 1st January of the concerned year, is still EUR 27,084.40. It will be equal to EUR 27,760.56 from 1st January 2023.

Key Action Points for Human Resources and In-house Counsel

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