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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic: The National Wage Committee raised 19% to the minimum wage

On March 8, 2023, in a meeting led by President Luis Abinader, the National Wage Committee, in consensus with unionists and the national business community, agreed to increase the minimum wage by 19% for non-sectorized private employees.

The Minister of Labor, Luis Miguel De Camps, reported that the increase will take effect from next month, with a rise of 15%, and subsequently, from February 1, 2024, an increase of 4% for large, medium, small, and micro businesses.

While Abinader said that with consensus through tripartite dialogue, made up of unionists, businessmen, and the Ministry of Labor as mediators, employers demonstrate “once again their social commitment to true economic and social development” of the country.

With the 15% increase, large companies (more than 151 workers) with a minimum wage of DOP 21,000 will go to DOP 24,150 (about US $442.00) for a rise of DOP 3,150.

Medium companies (between 51-151 workers) go from DOP 19,250 to DOP 22,138 (approximately US$405), for an increase of 2,887.50 Dominican pesos.

Small businesses (11-50 workers) with a minimum wage of DOP 12,900 will increase by DOP 1,935 and put it at DOP 14,835 (about US $271). While microenterprises (up to ten employees), with a minimum wage of DOP 11,900, increase by DOP 1,785 to place it at DOP 13,685 (about US $250.00).

When the remaining 4% is applied in February 2024, large companies will pay DOP 24,990 (approximately US$457.00); the medium ones DOP 22,908 (about US$419.00), the small ones DOP 15,351 (around US$281), and the micro ones DOP 14,161 (approximately US$259).