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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic: Government announces salary increase for the tourism sector

Through the Ministry of Labor, the Dominican Government announced that a historic agreement was reached in the National Wage Committee to increase the minimum wage of workers who provide services in hotels, restaurants, and other gastronomic establishments by 20%. and 49%.

“With this, there are already 22 minimum wages increased in this government administration above accumulated inflation.”

On his side, the president of the National Association of Hotels and Restaurants -ASONAHORES-, David Llibre, said that this salary increase is a significant amount since the businessmen of the sector are not oblivious to the issue of inflation that despite the growth of tourism It has also affected employees, and this substantially improves their situation.

He added, “This agreement for a salary increase in the sector demonstrates everything we can achieve through consensus and dialogue between the parties.”

On his side, Manolo Ramírez, president of the Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Workers -FENATRAHOREST-, highlighted that a tourist worker with a better salary can smile and provide better service to guests.

Ramírez added that more than 40 percent of salaries in the sector have been approved from this substantial increase in less than two years.

“We thank the employers, the National Wage Committee, and the Minister of Labor for their efforts to achieve this improvement for workers in the sector,” he added.

According to what was announced through a press conference in the Concertation Hall of the Ministry of Labor, the workers of large companies will have an increase of 15% as of June 1, 2023, from the current 14,000 pesos (approximately $257.00) to 16,100 pesos (approximately $296.00); and 5% in February 2024, which will take it to 16,800 pesos (approximately $309.00).

In the case of medium-sized companies, they will have an increase in the minimum wage of 28.5% in the month of June 2023, from 10,650 current pesos (approximately $196.00) to 13,685 pesos (approximately $251.00); and 4.47% in February 2024 amounting to 14,161 pesos (approximately $260.00)

While small companies will have a historic salary increase of 44.05% in June 2023 of 9,500 (approximately $174.00) pesos they will earn 13,685 pesos (approximately $251.00); and 5.01% in February 2024, which will take it to 14,161 pesos (approximately $260.00).